VMware Workspace ONE 5V0-61.22 Exam Dumps

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Share some VMware Specialist – Workspace ONE 21.X Advanced Integration 2022 5V0-61.22 exam questions and answers below.

Which directory type is supported when integrating LDAP-based authentication in Workspace ONE Access?




D.Oracle LDAP

Answer: D
Which statement accurately describes modem claims-based identity management?

A.It supports multiple authentication methods except Single Sign-On

B.It doesn’t support multiple providers

C.It requires the application to perform the authentication task

D.It makes account management easier by centralizing authentication

Answer: D
A user is able to login to VMware Workspace ONE Access Catalog and launch a Citrix Desktop application without any prompt for credentials.

Which Authentication Method must have been previously executed to have gained access to the VMware Workspace ONE Access Catalog?


B.True SSO

C.Kerberos Auth Adapter

D.Password (Cloud Deployment)

Answer: B
Which step accurately outlines the SQM provisioning flow from Okta to Workspace ONE UEM?

A.AirWatch Provisioning App uses SCW API to update users in Workspace ONE UEM

B.Okta provisions users to Workspace ONE Access using SCIM API

C.Workspace ONE Access utilizes SCIM API to provision users to Workspace ONE UEM

D.Okta uses Workspace ONE UEM REST API to add users to the console

Answer: C
Which VMware Workspace ONE Access prerequisites must be completed to successfully deploy a Virtual Apps Collection?

A.Workspace ONE Access Connector Enrollment Server, App Volumes Manager

B.SAML Authenticator, Enrollment Server, Horizon Pod

C.SAML Authenticator, Workspace ONE Access Connector, Horizon Pod

D.Workspace ONE Access Connector, Horizon Connection Server, App Volumes Manager

Answer: D
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How To Use Gamification To Build Learning Habits On The Frontline

The term “gamification” is frequently used in the technology industry. Nowadays, practically every significant brand employs gamification in some capacity. While gamification may be a helpful tool, it must be implemented properly if your objective is to encourage consumers to return—merely adding a points system and scoreboard won’t cut it. To create enduring learning habits on the front lines, gamified job training or Leadership Development and training must go beyond entertainment and competitiveness.

Consider loyalty schemes as an illustration. How many times have you chosen a product based on the total number of achievements in a digital account? Companies have been incredibly excellent at motivating customer behavior by tailoring their value offer to habit, regardless of whether the rewards are stars earned for purchasing coffee or points for purchasing airline tickets.

If we perform a task more frequently, we get a higher return on our time and financial investment. And we may use the same principles to assist frontline staff in establishing work-related learning habits. People learn more when they participate in training on a consistent basis. The better they perform, the more knowledgeable and driven they are to accomplish an excellent job.

JD Dillon offers some broad guidelines to bear in mind when incorporating gaming elements into your frontline training plan in a recent edition of ‘The 80 Percent Podcast’. The following are some salient points from his speech:

Keep Your Eventual Objective In Mind
Don’t employ gamification only for its own sake. Choose the game mechanics you incorporate in your training approach or Leadership Training carefully. Determine the actions you want your staff to do, the attitudes you want them to adopt, and the habits you want them to develop. Do you want them to sign in and finish the training before each shift? If that’s the case, you may include incentives for training streaks in your program.

Move Beyond The Fundamentals
There are many more effective game mechanisms available, such as challenges, awards, and accomplishments, in addition to points and leaderboards. Use a variety of game mechanics that your staff will understand, fit with company culture, and need the least amount of work or attention.

Provide Alternatives To Your Staff
Different factors drive different individuals to take part in the training. Some people find success in earning points and incentives, while others relish the attention that comes with topping the scoreboard. Give your staff a variety of engagement alternatives so they may choose what suits them best while taking part in several Leadership Programs. In the end, it’s your responsibility to inspire them to advance their skills and abilities and accomplish their career objectives. Leave the decision to them to figure out how they want to get there.

Put Relevancy Before Gamification
Gamification is entertaining and gives your employees added motivation to take part in job training for several purposes such as Leadership Development or others, but it shouldn’t be your primary emphasis. The actual content of your training materials is what counts.

When your workers’ check in for training, they should feel challenged and certain that the material is applicable to their jobs. Frontline workers don’t have a lot of free time, so they won’t want to participate in training, such as Leadership Training if it doesn’t improve how they perform in their jobs.

Final Words
There is a good reason why gamification is so well-liked. Gamification offers an additional layer of enjoyment and reward that encourages us to continue returning, beyond our initial objective as customers, whether it is to purchase a glass of juice or take part in job training or Leadership Programs. Your frontline (and bottom line) will gain in several ways if you can successfully leverage the potential of gamification.

JNCIS-ENT Certification JN0-349 Exam Dumps

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Share some Jncis-Ent JN0-349 exam questions and answers below.

Which mechanism is used to share routes between routing tables?
A. RIB groups

B. routing instances

C. forwarding instances

D. filter-based forwarding

Answer: A
What are three well-known mandatory BGP attributes? (Choose three.)

A. community

B. AS path

C. local preference

D. origin

E. next hop

Answer: BDE
Which statement is correct about IS-IS link state PDUs?

A. They are used to maintain link-state database synchronization.

B. They are used to establish adjacencies.

C. They are used to build the link-state database.

D. They are used to determine whether the neighbors are Level 1 or Level 2.

Answer: C
Which two port security features use the DHCP snooping database for additional port security? (Choose two.)

A. dynamic ARP inspection

B. MACsec

C. IP Source Guard

D. MAC learning

Answer: AC
When electing a DIS in an IS-IS network, what is used to break a priority tie?

A. highest MAC address

B. highest router ID

C. lowest MAC address

D. lowest router ID

Answer: A
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