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Share some IBM Certified Advocate – Cloud v2 C1000-142 exam questions and answers below.

Watson Studio belongs to which category of AI service?
A.Speech and text tools

B.AI lifecycle management tools

C.Text analysis tools

D.Intelligent search tools

Answer: B
What is IBM Cloud Shell?
A.A personal workspaces and session where a user can run commands

B.A graphical user interface for testing RESTful API calls

C.A command line interface that is installed on a desktop

D.A remote desktop graphical user interface for accessing running on IBM Cloud

Answer: C
Which storage type is best suited for unstructured data with infrequent access?

A.Block Storage

B.SAN Storage

C.File Storage

D.Object Storage

Answer: B
How does virtualization enable cloud computing?
A.Speeds up mathematical calculations

B.Facilitates key management

C.Efficient utilization of physical computer hardware

D.Harnesses the collective properties of quantum states to perform calculations

Answer: C
Which of following statements are true for IBM Cloud Function? (Select Two)

A.You have to pay only for the exact time for which your action runs

B.IBM Cloud Function able to be scale automatically

C.IBM Cloud Function Is a self-contained unit that can run anywhere

D.Physical infrastructure resources like virtual server, network, storage disks are not required for IBM Cloud Function

Answer: A, B
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How To Use Gamification To Build Learning Habits On The Frontline

The term “gamification” is frequently used in the technology industry. Nowadays, practically every significant brand employs gamification in some capacity. While gamification may be a helpful tool, it must be implemented properly if your objective is to encourage consumers to return—merely adding a points system and scoreboard won’t cut it. To create enduring learning habits on the front lines, gamified job training or Leadership Development and training must go beyond entertainment and competitiveness.

Consider loyalty schemes as an illustration. How many times have you chosen a product based on the total number of achievements in a digital account? Companies have been incredibly excellent at motivating customer behavior by tailoring their value offer to habit, regardless of whether the rewards are stars earned for purchasing coffee or points for purchasing airline tickets.

If we perform a task more frequently, we get a higher return on our time and financial investment. And we may use the same principles to assist frontline staff in establishing work-related learning habits. People learn more when they participate in training on a consistent basis. The better they perform, the more knowledgeable and driven they are to accomplish an excellent job.

JD Dillon offers some broad guidelines to bear in mind when incorporating gaming elements into your frontline training plan in a recent edition of ‘The 80 Percent Podcast’. The following are some salient points from his speech:

Keep Your Eventual Objective In Mind
Don’t employ gamification only for its own sake. Choose the game mechanics you incorporate in your training approach or Leadership Training carefully. Determine the actions you want your staff to do, the attitudes you want them to adopt, and the habits you want them to develop. Do you want them to sign in and finish the training before each shift? If that’s the case, you may include incentives for training streaks in your program.

Move Beyond The Fundamentals
There are many more effective game mechanisms available, such as challenges, awards, and accomplishments, in addition to points and leaderboards. Use a variety of game mechanics that your staff will understand, fit with company culture, and need the least amount of work or attention.

Provide Alternatives To Your Staff
Different factors drive different individuals to take part in the training. Some people find success in earning points and incentives, while others relish the attention that comes with topping the scoreboard. Give your staff a variety of engagement alternatives so they may choose what suits them best while taking part in several Leadership Programs. In the end, it’s your responsibility to inspire them to advance their skills and abilities and accomplish their career objectives. Leave the decision to them to figure out how they want to get there.

Put Relevancy Before Gamification
Gamification is entertaining and gives your employees added motivation to take part in job training for several purposes such as Leadership Development or others, but it shouldn’t be your primary emphasis. The actual content of your training materials is what counts.

When your workers’ check in for training, they should feel challenged and certain that the material is applicable to their jobs. Frontline workers don’t have a lot of free time, so they won’t want to participate in training, such as Leadership Training if it doesn’t improve how they perform in their jobs.

Final Words
There is a good reason why gamification is so well-liked. Gamification offers an additional layer of enjoyment and reward that encourages us to continue returning, beyond our initial objective as customers, whether it is to purchase a glass of juice or take part in job training or Leadership Programs. Your frontline (and bottom line) will gain in several ways if you can successfully leverage the potential of gamification.

Career Success Tip: The Zen Way

Pursuing career success the Zen Way.

Many young executives like to ask for career success tips. I usually start by saying career success doesn’t come in a day. Yet, day-in day-out I see young people entering the working life pushing themselves as if they will make CEO in a year. They have a tendency to compare their progress with their contemporaries. You should not and must not compare your career success to your contemporaries.

If you ask me, what is career success? Frankly, I don’t have the answer. But, I can give you a career success tip that works for me. However, ultimately only you can answer “what is career success?” because only you can seek. No one can do it for you. It is to be defined by your own values and principles in life. You would have to define what is career success for yourself. It means different things for different people. And it is your career goals.

The first step is to ask yourself “What is career success?”. It is not a question you should mull over daily. You will have to spend time thinking about this. The answer will not come easy. Ask yourself that question, and then let it float in your mind for however long it takes – never force the answer.

Remind yourself this – if your career is a marathon, then it includes the preparation for the race – the warm ups, the stretches, the strength exercises, the stamina building, the constant practice runs. Constant effort is what will eventually get a positive response. And that response is success.

My biggest fear looking at many young first job executives is that a lot of them embark on this marathon and end up hurting themselves. They hurt themselves because instead of warming up and stretching, they sprint. Eventually they end up injured, taking months and years to recuperate.

This is an important career success tip. Your career like many things in life cannot be rushed. You succeed by not rushing nor lazing off. Your career success comes to you when you do not rush yourself through it. But this also means you do not laze off. When you rush you start to be careless. You forget the basic important steps in the race for your career success. If you sprint through at this early phase, you risk overdoing it. On the other hand, if you laze off – you won’t put in the appropriate effort needed for success. For success to happen, you need to be moderate in your pursuit. That would be career success tip for you. There is a saying:

Hurrying makes things too tight, Slacking off lets things get too loose, By not hurrying and not slacking off, We can succeed at what we do.

In this race, you are your own competitor. To end this career success tip, I leave you with this thought from Dao De Ching:

He who knows other men is discerning, he who knows himself is intelligent. He who overcomes other is strong; he who overcomes himself is mighty. He who is satisfied with his lot is rich. He who goes on acting with energy has a firm will. He who does not fail in the requirements of his position, continues long. He who dies and yet does not perish, has longevity.